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I've never had to replace a belt before my LiveWire... and while I recently had to replace my ELW's belt at 10K (clearly abnormal - based on an estimated 100K lifespan)... it got me researching belt life and tech.

I want to take care of my ride, but I also want to die with it.. I want to enjoy it to its fullest, but not treat it like a squid. ;)

I was recently educated on the term "shock loading" (something I commonly referred to as clutch dropping or dumping on ICE rides)... and it made me wonder, with the extreme tension we put our ELW's belts under during our "happy moments" of full throttle loading, are we causing damage to an inferior belt?

I'd like to know how riders treat their belts (be honest) and keep posting on results... snaps, tares, broken cogs, pully squeals (include photos), etc.

Think of this as a tech doc for all to off load their riding styles, expectations and likely failure points.


couple educational resources:
Motorcycle Drive-Belt Technology Gets Lighter and Stronger
4 Steps to Avoid Motorcycle Final Drive Belt Drama
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