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Started two separate thread with photos of chargers.

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If you are planning a trip and can't tell from plugshare these can give you hints of things that might work or might not.
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Should we pin them till this issue goes away?
If there was a trick please note it. The ones I am posting just work. Occasionally with a second attempt but nothing fancier then that.
"So maybe, if people are going to post pictures of chargers that didn't workfor the Livewire, they could be captioned with:
  • the type of charger it is;
  • the location of the charger; and,
  • the date that the charger failed to charge a Livewire.

This would add some significance to the photos. "
I would really like to keep those threads not discussions of them. Lets talk about them here. So the charging network has no effect. The issue is device compatibility. So the brand AE, whatever. AE buys chargers from various vendors and the name isn't on plugshare or the device clearly. So you have to go by look on plugshare. The date idea isn't bad but better to just have a disagreement and then community test it to figure it out. Could be that a firmware revision is the issue. So you could have them on both sides.
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