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Stepped in to say Hi

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Hi everyone, I stepped in to say hi to everyone. I an just watching news and rumors round LiveWire, that's why registered hoping there are some things I will find out first when I'm a member.

I am Stewart, and I have recently bought my first Harley motorcycle. I've always wanted one, yet before rode Japanese bikes I could afford.

Now, I'm a proud owner of the 2016 XL1200CX (Roadster), and I absolutely love the way it works, the way it drives and the way it looks.

I believe I will not sell it until HD finally releases the LiveWire.


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Welcome to the forum Stewart, glad to have you. Congrats on the new Harley. With the declining sales that the company has seen I'll bet we'll start to see some aggressive incentives even on newer models.
Congrats on finally getting a Harley and welcome to the community. Have you looked at any of the electric bikes that are already on the market?
Welcome to HDLive and congrats for your new 2016 XL1200CX. You can post a pic here of your 2016 XL1200CX.
Thanks, nice to have you here, have a beautiful day - all the best.
Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the new bike!
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