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Hello fellow forums users, #ev and #motorcycle riders!

My name is Diego Cardenas and I have owned a 2020 #harleydavidson #livewire for a few months now. I am also active in the #ev scene with the #tesla community.

I was lucky enough to be part of a video which is going to be premiered this upcoming Sunday Jan 26 at 5:00pm pacific standard time. Our dear friend Mr. Robert Patrick #robertpatrick (Terminator2) who loves his #ev and his #livewire alongside Mr. Matt Laidlaw @matt_laidlaw (media influencer and rider) and I created a review video from an owners and riders perspective showcasing the bikes features.

I will host a watch party on my Facebook pages follow me on Instagram @dcar70 or visit Harley LiveWire Rider’s

Please share and join us I hope you can make it!

Hope to see you there on Sunday at 5pm PST (Pacific Time)


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