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Tesla Super Charger Adapters and LW1?

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Anyone tried one of the tesla chargers with the ccs adapter yet? Don't see any around here but super curious if it will work. Saw the mkhb youtube video with a rivian and an f150.
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I am sure the video will drop everywhere when he does. :) Could be really good. I might even have to do biz with Elon. Gross.
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It works just fine here in Norway at least! I have fast charged my Live Wire several times last year at Tesla Superchargers and it worked very well. The good thing is also that the Tesla superchargers are more friendly priced than the alternatives.
Did you use 150kw ccs or 250kw? And what firmware do you have? I tried today and the Livewire will not talk to Tesla although I have a Tesla and account and switched on the supercharger. Any thoughts would help because as it stands here in Germany I can’t get it to work! John
21 - 23 of 23 Posts