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My own thoughts are pretty much represented by what Oldun said above.

While different demographics will potentially approach the LW differently (urban, suburban, rural), I think there is a role for each. In an urban environment, this could be the one and only bike very easily. When commuting on my LW I will intentionally route through the city because sport acceleration from light to light is just a blast. I live and operate in the suburban/rural environment and so for me the LW is in a stable of other ICE cruisers. It is not the bike for touring, and any attempt to compare in that category is a disservice.

As far as cost, I wanted to be able to work with a dealer. Way too much experience with BMW and Vanderhall losing a dealer and needing warranty work that is very frustrating. So in central Indiana, it is Zero or LW. I tested the Zero a heck of a lot more than the LW and was ready to move on that purchase until I took one test ride on the LW. The ride handling, feature integration, quality build/finish put this well ahead of the Zero. My personal position is that I knew if I bought the Zero I would wish I had just gone with the LW. I have no regrets and would do it again. I don't know how the cost of the bike tracks with HD R&D costs plus actual component/build costs, but for those who complain about the cost...well, nobody forces you to buy it. I hope that HD continues in the electric space and learns from the LW to introduce bikes that are more accessible to a broader market.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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