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I think that this was an excellent move by Harley-Davidson and I don't say that just because I bought a LiveWire.

I'd been looking for an electric bike for at least five years, starting with the earliest iterations of Zero when I was working overseas. I was on their mailing list for literally years and rode three demos of their bikes over time. I was really disappointed however that they didn't follow up with specific inquiries after demo rides nor make any effort to sell me 'their' bike.

When the LW was announced I waited about two years before I was able to ride a early version at the HD dealership in Vegas. I had quite a few rides because none of the die-hard Harley loyalists thought it was anything but a toy. I could tell on the first ride I was not sitting on a toy. Although the fit and finish was good it wasn't great - but again it was a prototype.

Then at about the same time the first online reviews of the LiveWire came out from trusted motorcycle journalists, I was contacted by the local dealership with whom I'd registered an interest a year earlier, to see if I wanted to order one. I put down $1000 deposit approximately 14 months before my LW was finally delivered (not a criticism, the original delivery date was going to be 9 months but the Chinese virus got in the way).

From my perspective, I think this is a great offering by HD.

Not necessary in order of priority, but having frequented electric-motorcycle forums for some years, the number and variation of difficulties that Zero motorcycle riders have is truly stunning. The lack of after-sales support from Zero is frequently mentioned and of course if you're in a country where there is no Zero dealer at all, you get zero support (pun intended) from the factory for private importers.

Next, Energica is a good brand judging by the experiences of their owners, but again, dealerships are few and far between and it's unclear as to how much after sales advice the factory is willing to give to assist owners who can't bring the bike back to a dealership. By saying unclear, I'm being tactful, as after all, you can't believe everything you read on the Internet, including what I'm saying - this is a concern from Energica owners who have no dealership access.

Yeah, I'd have liked the LIveWire priced at least 5K less, but having had the opportunity to physically look at and ride all three - Zero, Energica and LiveWire - I remain extremely happy with my purchase of the very expensive LW; as I posted elsewhere, I sold two bikes to buy this one and I'm glad I did. I don't know if I'm classified as a HD Loyalist; of my lifetime motorcycles owned and rode, Harleys make up slightly fewer than one-fifth including the current LiveWire :)

At my age, I'd rather be an early adopter, than wait a few more years and maybe miss out on the chance of riding a very fast, extremely well-handling and responsive EV motorcycle at all. And yes, even in my advancing 60s I'm still childish enough to relish having a rare quality-finish breed of EV bike that attracts attention when parked as well as when I'm riding (y)

Basic Wishlist:
Being able to swap out / trade the RESS for a one w/improved range + power, yeah baby!!!
Handlebar risers​
Lowered footpegs​
Luggage options for day touring​
Fill in the silly hole in the rear fender​
Mirrors that show the road not my deltoids​
Clean up the plate and lights mount at the back​

Custom Wishlist:
Wheel options 👀​
Auxiliary lights :devilish:
LW-Blue H-D shield logo decals :cool:
Chrome battery cover ;)

Thanks and good luck

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Over quite a few years I have cut recognized losses with bikes, 2 jobs, and assorted boys' toys. But even if there are only 2 years of the LW ('20 and '21) I don't class buying a LW as a mistake or a decision I wish I had not made or a loss I want to cut.

It's a quality product and I have rediscovered the Joys of Leaning, Cornering, and Full-On Acceleration. And hey, if it's a Limited Edition, then my Smug will Rise further (y)

I do hope of course that parts and repairs will remain available but that be true of all such toys. My venerable 2001 FXDXT is also sometimes a problem to get parts and repairs for... Sic transit gloria mundi....
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