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Thank you for this! I also appreciated seeing the LW in places I know well especially C-summit, my invariable gas-stop after landing at LAX and picking up a stored bike to get to Phoenix for work or north to Sturgis, or beyond to Daytona / NY / Key West...

Yep, we have to compromise on range (at present until storage tech gets better) but as I am getting close to your dad's likely age :) my 700-800-mile touring days are behind me.

I especially liked the road views... as combo of Teh Virus and Teh Anno Domini may conspire to prevent my return to ride those roads in person. I sold my US bikes last year / June when it was clear that I could not be back for at least another 18 months or more... and that prediction may be (sadly) optimistic; but my Plan is to rent a LW if/when I get to come over.

I've always toured with just a rollbag / no saddlebags, so like you I see the minimalist luggage capability as something to easily work around.

If I may ask - where / how did you mount your camera low down on the left? I have always run a helmet cam since the original little Sony came out, but might look at relocating...

All the best!
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