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Power steering system is one of the major and indispensable systems in automobile. Power Steering Oil Seal can prevent pressure loss in the power steering gear and maintain normal pressure. Make sure that the steering of the power steering wheel works normally, and the reciprocating crankshaft operates normally.
Furthermore, with the value-added power steering seals in use within the steering system, it provides prevention of leaking steering fluids and retains fluids inside the machine so the steering system can operate properly and avoid malfunction.

Types of Power Steering Oil Seal

We provide power steering seal for reciprocating rack shaft and rotary steering shaft both with high quality and excellent performance in sealing hydraulic fluids to keep the system running.

1.Rotary Power Steering Oil Seal

Rotary power steering oil seal is installed on the rotating shaft to prevent oil leakage and maintain lubrication and ensure normal steering function.
The structure of rubber and iron shell assembly can ensure the sealing efficiency and function of the oil seal.
The secondary lip structure of the oil seal can prevent the main lip from turning over.

2.Reciprocating Power Steering Oil Seal

The oil seal of the reciprocating power direction machine is installed on the reciprocating shaft of the hydraulic cylinder.
The structure of the combined iron shell and back support ring can ensure the sealing and high-pressure resistance function under high pressure working environment.
Use oil return groove structure to reduce friction and temperature and increase service life.
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