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Recently I viewed a YouTube video posted by a regular livewire one owner (he does very good videos that are very informative)

In his video he states that Harley will not be further developing the battery packs for the Livewire or Livewire One bikes because of the cost of the battery packs and it being a single source provider. (Toshiba if I recall)


If there is no future development for this battery system should we all have concerns about the value of our bikes taking a plunge.

I can't complain much since I bought mine used last fall and it only had 156 km on it if I recall and I thought only has 330 km on it now. I also got it at a reasonable price of $22,000 Canadian plus taxes rather than the $39,000 plus taxes that it originally sold for.

I love the bike and it is a joy to ride but seeing this video does concern me.

I was hoping that in the next few years Harley would develop a new battery and software that would increase the range and also speed up charging at home or on the road.

My HD Livewire in Orange Fuse is the only electric bike I like the look of. (I like all colours of HD Livewire bikes a as well as the Livewire One bikes.

I just don't like the looks of other electrics and was hoping that as time went on I could update the bike I have rather than get a new one

Any thoughts on this subject.

"Will Harley Davidson update the battery and electronics of the Livewire bikes in the future"

Appreciate any comments

Bill Kemp
Toronto Canada

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Thanks for the info and correction about the batteries being made by Samsung.

I really like the style of my Livewire and do hope that in the future a battery pack will be available to provide 350-400 km range. That would be great.

You could ride for several hours and then charge it at home

Might as well put it on the wish list.

Take care


PS. It is snowing here now in Toronto and supposed to be like that all week long so it is time to watch videos I guess between exercising with the shovel. 馃槱馃槱馃槱

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That is interesting info about the evolution of batteries.

Here in Ontario Canada Volkswagen is going to build a battery production plant. I am sure our government supplemented this venture but at least it is a step in the right direction as the charging stations here are limited in my opinion. Lots of Level 2 but very few level 3 ones.

With Volkswagen building batteries here perhaps it will inspire more charging stations to be put in place.

Also perhaps in the next 3-5 years there will be batteries that will allow our motorcycles a range of 400 km. That would be awesome as I could ride most of the day and do the trips I normally do without every having to charge the bike or worry about finding a place to charge it at.

Some places here in Ontario charge $20 per hour for level 3 charging which is gouging us in my opinion.

Let's hope for a great future
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