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Hey Bill,

I believe Samsung made the battery pack. I wouldn't lose any sleep over HD not developing the pack any further. The pack that is in your bike should be good for a very long time. I have only see one youtube video that quoted a price for a replacement pack and that was $8000 but it was from 2+ years ago. By the time your pack is in need of replacement that cost will likely be much lower. Also there is a chance that some 3rd party manufactures could make a pack that will fit it in the future. I recently watched a really great video on youtube where a couple of guys converted a Ducati Monster to Electric and the thing will do 110 MPH and they estimate the range to be good for 200 miles (based on the size of the pack they custom built). They actually ordered the battery cells and built the pack themselves. It cost them about $2000 for the battery cells. Link to that video here.

The next LiveWire, the S2 Del Mar is due out this year and according to the website will have slower L2 charging and less range than our LiveWire's. Only 177 KMs in the City and will take 75 minutes to charge 20-80% Link to Del Mar Here
1 - 2 of 6 Posts