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I bought an ELW for the following reasons
  • DC fast charging enables longer rides. It's the must-have feature if you want to do more than lap the neighborhood. This requirement narrowed my choices considerably.
  • Build quality is a different planet than every other EV motorcycle on the market. The LiveWire is built like a real motorcycle with lots of attention to detail.
  • Harley-Davidson has a proven track record when it comes to availability of spare parts and product support down the road. In 5-10 years, I will still be able to walk into a Harley dealer and get parts. Will Energica and Zero still be making spares in 5-10 years? Will they even be around?
  • Dealer network is peerless in the United States. Within a half-hour or so drive/ride of my house, there are three HD dealers -- each with trained LiveWire techs.
  • Got a spectacular deal on a new leftover 2020 -- under $18k. Full warranty and all of the other benefits. A completely banging deal for a bike worth more than I paid for it on day one.
A test ride on an LW1 really sealed the deal for me. While I had been spoiled by Italian Sportbikes, the LiveWire didn't disappoint when it came to handling, acceleration, braking, and overall dynamics. I've been riding for more than 35 years and have specific wants.

With regards to Harley accessories, it is my understanding that approximately 1400 ELWs were produced under the Harley-Davidson name. If that was it, that's a tiny number compared to other Harley models. It's unsurprising that the available LiveWire accessories are fairly limited. It is my hope that the new LiveWire company continues to carry the torch there. There are likely more LiveWire branded bikes on the road already than the HD model.

The bike does get a lot of attention. For most of the people that I encounter, it's the first LiveWire that they've seen in real-life. I also get thumbs and excitement from Apple folks who watched Long Way Up. Unlike most of the other bikes that I have ridden, the Harley guys wave back.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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