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"Wrath Of Man."

So, not that bad a movie overall. The sort of movie I watch while pedalling away on the stationary bicycle because, doctors talk to our wives and our wives instruct us on how to better look after ourselves.

Anyway, it got me thinking, what other movies would benefit from having the LiveWire a pivotal part of the plot?

"Damnation Alley". Quick, quiet, and able to be recharged* during the day while Hell Tanner rests or has the required dalliance with a road girl (*since this is gonna be our near future, I'm positing much more efficient solar panels that are portable).

"EV Rider". "A man went looking for a charger in America, and couldn't find one anywhere".

"Biker BEVs". Update of

"Lithium's Slaves". Update of

"Charged Overnight At Home, Ready By Dawn." Update of Savage Dawn (1985) - IMDb

Actually, OK, looking at the last two, maybe this is not such a good idea, but what I really think could work is Fury Road: Silent Strike.

And here's the soundtrack script for the movie trailer:

"There is no warning.
There is no noise.
There is no need for guzzoline.
And there is no 'Green Place'.
There is just Max, his LiveWire, and 150 miles to Immortan Joe's Battery Farm.
Do you want to live forever, or do you just want One. More. Charge?
Ride out with Max, one more time!"

Starring: Mel Gibson, remastered as he was in "The Road Warrior."
Co-starring Racquel Welch, as she was in "Bandolero." Or "Hannah Caulder". Whichever works.
Also starring: digital restorations of Mickey Rourke, Salma Hayek, Larry Bishop, Wanda Ventham, Suzanne Pleshette, and Senta Berger.

Soundtrack: Bob Seger
Produced and directed by George Miller.
Filmed entirely on location in Death Valley.
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